Salad Snob

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and it was even more beautiful at my parents ranch in Temecula:



On the drive over I had a little snack:




I’m kind-of obsessed with these after trying them yesterday.

My mom told me  in the morning that they were making food but I didn’t realize she meant a feast!



Cuban Food


White rice, black beans, yuca, pork shoulder and fried plantains. Yes, fried!

It was so delish, Cuban food is my absolute favorite with Mexican closely behind. You can tell by my plate I didn’t really hold back too much! But wait it gets even better:


Flan & a Chocolate Covered Strawberry


But then…


The chocolate covered banana caught my eye


Here’s what the final damage looked like:


"Try everything, eat nothing"


We had a great time seeing my family, I was so happy to see my nieces!

My brother-in-law plays professional baseball so my sister and her little family live up north half of the year. I have to take advantage of these girls when I can!!


Mom & baby Addie


Check out that hair, it’s coming in curly and I love it!


Me & Kenzie


Doesn’t she have the most beautiful blue eyes?

So my nieces are pretty stinkin’ cute, I wish I could see them more.

Pat had fun too:


Mom's new puppy Max


I gravitate towards the babies, Pat gravitates towards the dogs!

That’s Pat for ya!

We left a little later than planned because Dr. Pat had to do a small procedure to my sisters dog. This is what we got to take home with us:


Are you gagging?


He had to biopsy a nodule off my sister’s dog. She already had cancer earlier this year so were hoping this isn’t a repeat! Keeping my fingers crossed!


Pat and I decided to grab dinner on our way home because we were already starting to get hungry for dinner. I wanted to go somewhere where I could get a good salad. After our heavy lunch I wanted something lighter. We went to our favorite little Italian restaurant right in town because they have great salads for me and great pizza for Pat.

It started out good with the bread:



And I was so excited for my salad:


Looks promising, right?


Well, it was quite disappointing actually. My favorite thing about coming to this restaurant is that they use the nice dark leafy greens for their salads. Well, I don’t know what happened but they changed things up on me!

This… was not that! I guess this is when you could say that I’m a salad snob. I’m very picky about my greens, they must be dark, leafy and full of nutrients. Not this junk:




See all those white chunks? I hate the white chunks they taste like watery crap. So as you can tell I didn’t really eat much of my salad. Just the apples and most of the walnuts on top. Hence, why I just had to have a little of this once we got home:


Kashi Go Lean Crunch Original Cereal


So dinner was disappointing but lunch was amazing.

But, it was even better being able to spend time with my family. I love them soooo much!!


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