The weather was so beautiful today, I was lucky enough to get outside and enjoy it a little!


Our flowers are bloomin' and I'm lovin it!







Tuna salad: 1/4 cup of tuna, 1/2 cup of non-fat cottage cheese and salt & pepper to taste. Enjoyed it on a sandwich thin with a pink lady apple and a spoonful of peanut butter.

Stella thought it looked yummy:



Ok… just one slice



She likes it




Pat was feeling really spontaneous this afternoon and really itching to get out and do something different. We ended up heading down to La Jolla for dinner. La Jolla is one of my favorite places, I would love to live there one day…. we’ll see!

Before we left I snagged some of these:




Unsalted peanuts of course!


We ate dinner at Karl Strauss Brewery and started with these:


Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fries


Instead of diving in to the entire basket and shoving them down my mouth like I usually do, I did this:



A small serving for me, this was quite and accomplishment for me. I find sweet potato fries so delicious and addicting that I usually end up eating way too many.

Next was a salad:


Mixed Greens!


This time the mixed greens were really mixed greens!

This salad snob was a happy camper


Once we got home I wanted something sweet but I didn’t want to go overboard so I made some hot cocoa:



1/2 a cup of vanilla almond milk, 1/2 cup of water , spoonful of cocoa powder and 1 packet of stevia

Well, off to sleep, I’m one tired girl!


See you in the morning


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