Let’s finish up yesterday

Ok, so I had no energy to blog last night so I will finish up what I ate yesterday right now!



Chicken Tortilla Soup sans tortilla chips


Pat and I met up for lunch at Wahoo’s I love their chicken tortilla soup and their tacos:


One chicken Taco


Mid-day snack:




I really wanted to make dinner but Pat and I were in a rush to get to his parent’s house to do our taxes!

We hit up Panera:


Vegetable Soup


I literally had two bites of this soup, it reminded me of something I once ate and got major food poisoning. So I couldn’t help but think of vomit. Pat polished it off instead.


Side salad


I ate probably half of this salad because it was nothing special, it had white chunks…ugh!

Thank goodness I asked for this:


Whole Wheat Roll


I ate every last crumb of this guy, it was pretty much my dinner because everything else tasted like butt.

Pat wanted me to show you his dinner:


"Oh to have the metabolism of a man!"


A nice cheesy greasy pannini, coke and a huge chocolatey chewy cookie that I drooled over while he ate.

He kinda felt bad for eating it in front of me, he knows I’m a cookie monster!!

Off to his parents house we went. I should have known there would be these :


Freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies


I just had to have one. After watching Pat demolish that huge delicious cookie earlier my will power was low. Since I basically had a dinner roll for dinner I thought it couldn’t hurt.

Good news is I got a sweet refund on my taxes!! I think I know just what I’m going to do with it, honeymoon wardrobe shopping!



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