Ticks on Flea

Pat and I went to our favorite sandwich shop for lunch yesterday, Board and Brew

I had the California Delight:


Whole wheat wrap with turkey, cream cheese, sprouts and sunflower seeds. Very yummy, I only had half and ate the other half for lunch today.

Pat’s Double-Decker:



You think that’s enough sandwich for a man??

After lunch we decided to go on a hike which didn’t quite go as planned…

It was so beautiful outside:


We took Flea along with us, poor Bell had to stay behind because she wouldn’t have made it half a mile until she poops out


Flea is so ready to go! Pat needed to stretch first 😉


He’s flexing for you guys hehe

The hike didn’t go quite as we expected it to…


The weeds were really tall and the trail was a bit overgrown…

We did a little trailblazing and immediately Flea was invested with ticks


Flea was very cooperative as Pat began to flick the ticks off


I just stand and hold sunglasses on top of my head, I don’t dare go near those nasty little guys


So because of all the ticks we ended up heading home earlier than planned!


For dinner we went to T.G.I.F, this isn’t a place we would choose to go eat at but we had a gift card. My baby loves a free meal!

I wasn’t able to capture any pics of dinner but I got these off their website:



We also had a couple of bites of this:


Yes, I was obsessed!


I don’t know why but were watching E.T. right now

Do you see a resemblance?



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