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April 13, 2011

Is it Bad?


That I just checked my wedding registry and got really excited about the gifts that have already been bought for me??


I mean for us!

Those of you that know us best, are quite aware that Pat is lost in the kitchen so basically all those items on our registry are really for me!!

So thanks a bunch, I can’t wait to use everything 🙂

Ever since Pat and I moved in together I had to tailor all of my cooking around one pot, one pan that sucked and one cookie sheet. For a girl who loves to be in the kitchen this is hard work people.

Life is so hard….


Well, I did get to do a run today but I took it lightly

3.20 miles in 30:59 minutes

Now my knees are getting a little achy as I type this, I’m debating if I should go grab some frozen peas out of the freezer and put them on my knees….hmmmm

I wanted something a little more special for breakfast this morning so I decided to make some pancakes:

I have seen tons of recipes for protein pancakes all over the blog world and here is my version, they’re not perfect but I enjoyed them quite a bit!

1/3 cup oat flour (you can pulverize rolled oats in the blender to get oat flour)

1/4 cup non-fat cottage cheese

1/4 vanilla almond milk

1 egg, 1 egg white

1 packet of stevia

* I just mixed the batter by hand, I didn’t want to whip out the blender and wake Pat up. The batter would be smoother if you blended it. Just a thought!

I spread Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter on top and drizzled some honey over them as well.

They are really dense and filling, which I love!


I haven’t been showing you guys my usual cup of joe but that’s because it always looks the same:


I’m kinda starting to feel like I want another cup it’s a little cold out today…