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April 13, 2011

Is it Bad?


That I just checked my wedding registry and got really excited about the gifts that have already been bought for me??


I mean for us!

Those of you that know us best, are quite aware that Pat is lost in the kitchen so basically all those items on our registry are reallyย for me!!

So thanks a bunch, I can’t wait to use everything ๐Ÿ™‚

Ever since Pat and I moved in together I had to tailor all of my cooking around one pot, one pan that sucked and one cookie sheet. For a girl who loves to be in the kitchen this is hard work people.

Life is so hard….


Well, I did get to do a run today but I took it lightly

3.20 miles in 30:59 minutes

Now my knees are getting a little achy as I type this, I’m debating if I should go grab some frozen peas out of the freezer and put them on my knees….hmmmm

I wanted something a little more special for breakfast this morning so I decided to make some pancakes:

I have seen tons of recipes for protein pancakes all over the blog world and here is my version, they’re not perfect but I enjoyed them quite a bit!

1/3 cup oat flour (you can pulverize rolled oats in the blender to get oat flour)

1/4 cup non-fat cottage cheese

1/4 vanilla almond milk

1 egg, 1 egg white

1 packet of stevia

* I just mixed the batter by hand, I didn’t want to whip out the blender and wake Pat up. The batter would be smoother if you blended it. Just a thought!

I spread Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter on top and drizzled some honey over them as well.

They are really dense and filling, which I love!


I haven’t been showing you guys my usual cup of joe but that’s because it always looks the same:


I’m kinda starting to feel like I want another cup it’s a little cold out today…


April 12, 2011

Sweet Tooth


This morning I woke up and forced myself to do something other than run again, I did an upper,middle,lower workout from the P90 Master Series. It’s a quick 30 minute workout that gets your whole body, I actually forgot how much I loved that workout. I’m super sore today from my workout yesterday as well.

I tell ya, that Tony Horton, he really knows how to make you sore!!



Steel cut oats, splash of vanilla almond milk, spoonful of chia seeds and a spoonful of cocoa powder



2 eggs! Shocking


Don’t you hate when people at work bring candy to the office?

I do! But then I don’t…


A mini Snickers and a mini Reese’s. Since they’re mini it doesn’t really count huh?


Lunch was a leftover California Delight wrap from yesterday.



Pink Lady Apple and a spoonful of Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter


For dinner we ventured down to Irvine Spectrum for dinner, we had another gift card!!

This time to California Pizza Kitchen:


Small bites Asparagus and Arugula salad, delicious!!

I also had a bowl of the Tuscan White Bean Soup on the side:


I don’t know what it is with me lately but any kind of vegetable soup just makes me want to gag. It’s weird, so I only had a few bites…


I have had an extra sweet tooth today so I made this when I got home:


One of the Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt brownies I made a few nights ago. I added a splash of vanilla almond milk on top and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

It was so ooey and gooey!

It’s a good trick I will keep in my back pocket for sure.


Well, I’m going to go on a run tomorrow morning. I think I’ve given my knees a good break.

We’ll see how it goes!



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April 11, 2011

Debbie Downer


Today I feel like such a Debbie Downer!

By the way, sorry if your name is Debbie.

I try to be a positive and optimistic person but sometimes that isn’t always possible.

So today, I’m Debbie Downer.

I’m not going to blog about what I ate yesterday because honestly I don’t feel like it. Don’t worry, it wasn’t far from my usual day of eating, I didn’t go crazy and find myself knee-deep in a bag of cookies or anything. I just really don’t feel like posting about yesterday, so I’m going to post about today!


So here is one of the reason’s I’m feeling down. Since I put in so many miles last week, (more than I have ever done)I think I over did it a bit. My knees have been super achy, I wanted to run today but I knew I shouldn’t. Pat says that it’s my body’s way of telling me to rest.

Yadda Yadda Yadda!!!

I know it’s partly true but seriously?? I just want to tell my knees to stop complaining and suck it up already!!

Today I had to be creative and do something else, I did half of ย P90 Master Series cardio interval workout. When I bought P90X it came with two bonus workouts and this is one of them. It was only about 30 minutes long, I was working hard but I got bored so I turned it off.

I guess getting hungry had something to do with it as well:


Steel cut oats, spoonful of chia seeds, cinnamon and vanilla almond milk



Protein Shake

Half vanilla almond milk half water


Snack time




Coffee plus Creamer

Kashi Go Lean Original Cereal

I’m gonna try to squeeze in another work out today because I have been pitiful these past couple of days

Just pitiful!!!


Did I mention my first fitting for my wedding gown is on the 19th??

Just a lil pressure…


Seeing this picture does make me smile though


Bell loves her daddy

I love him too ๐Ÿ˜‰

April 9, 2011

Experimenting is Fun


I slept in a little bit today which felt good!

When I got up I enjoyed my coffee while I cooked the steel-cut oats I bought yesterday. I wanted them to be ready by the time I got back from my run.

I ran 6 miles in 55:04 minutes. I don’t know if it was the really cold weather today or the fact that the last .90 miles was flat. When I started my run I decided I felt like a 4 mile run but once I got going I felt really good so I kept with it. Glad I did, I’ve never ran that far in my life.


Once I was back I was so excited to try the steel-cut oats:


I added a splash of vanilla almond milk, spoonful of chia seeds, cocoa powder and a spoonful of my new Justin’s PB

They didn’t taste any different from rolled oats to me but the texture is different. They have a hearty-er texture which makes them last longer, I’m a fan of that!!!

They did take around 30 minutes to cook though, I’m glad I made a big batch

Since I can’t let myself have breakfast without protein these were involved:


2 eggs with a sprinkle of cheese


I have some more wedding errands to run today, they never end!!

I’m also really in need of some retail therapy

Nordstrom is calling my name. It’s been awhile I think I deserve it, that’s my justification.


I’ll show you my goods if I get anything good ๐Ÿ™‚




April 7, 2011

Busy Bee

Gosh, I have been one busy bee this week! Slightly overwhelmed but getting through it. I’m proud that I have managed to stick to my workouts and haven’t done any unnecessary snacking due to stress.

Yay me! I’m so awesome!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you’re catching my sarcasm

This morning I woke up, drank my coffee like always, changed into my running clothes and hopped into my car. I wasn’t in the mood to run hills today so I drove down to the beach trail. I’m so blessed to live 3 miles from the beach!!

5.15 miles 47:26 minutes



Peanut Butter Oats


1/2 cups oats, dash of cinnamon, spoonful of chia seeds, splash of ย vanilla almond milk, water and a spoonful of peanut butter!


One egg, One egg white


I missed my eggs yesterday!!



I know, this picture is weird...


Half a naner too


I’m feeling so sluggish and tired today that I made myself one of these mid-morning:


Coffee plus Creamer


I added some sugar-free french vanilla creamer. I was craving the comfort of drinking something hot and creamy. Oh, and I also needed the jolt! ๐Ÿ™‚


Ok, check back with ya later!


April 6, 2011

80 Days to go…

Good Morning!

I was up bright and early as usual, drank my wonderful cup of black coffee and headed out the door to run.

5.12 miles in 48:19. I’m gradually trying to increase my mileage so I thought each time I go out to run I will try to add a little more distance. We’ll see how that goes ๐Ÿ™‚


Todays breakfast was full of chocolate!


Chocolicious-Banana Oats


Oats, spoonful of chia seeds, splash of vanilla almond milk, spoonful of cocoa powder, half a naner sliced and water


Protein Shake


Were out of eggs, I have to go to the grocery store today.

So a protein shake it is, one scoop of protein powder about a 1/4 cup of vanilla almond milk (whatever was left in the carton) and water.


It’s supposed to rain today and pretty much the rest of the week. BOO!!

Just when I was starting to get used to all of this sunshine we’ve been having around here…


Well happy Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

April 4, 2011

My Body & My Mind

Woke up bright and early this morning, gulped down my coffee then ran up stairs to get my running clothes on.

I was off!

My run started out alright but after about a mile I was struggling. I set off to push myself today but my body and mind were just not on the same page this morning. What the heck?!

It doesn’t make it any better that this loop I run has a few killer hills. Me and hills today were not friends , I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere as I climbed and climbed.

Finally, the torture ended at 5 miles in 47:58. Just about a minute longer than my last time running this loop, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it felt awful!

Breakfast sure did cheer me up though:


Chocolicious-Banana Oats


Oats, spoonful of chia seeds, splash of vanilla almond milk, half a banana, spoonful of cocoa powder and water.

As usual alongside was:


One egg, One egg white


I know, booorrring!

Did you see what The Pioneer Woman posted this morning?

“Oh no she di’int!”

Well, off to work! I wanna get all my work done in a flash because it’s supposed to be 77 degrees today. Maybe I can squeeze in a much needed tanning sesh!