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April 9, 2011

Old Man


I drove down to Newport today to drop our invitations off with the calligrapher.

On my drive down I ate my lunch:


A banana, a thinkThin bite and a hunk of raisin bread I bought yesterday. It was a random lunch, I agree.


From the calligrapher I had to pick up our champagne flutes and cake serving set from the engraving place. Luckily, it was located in the mall πŸ™‚

I was in the mood for some retail therapy but was really let down today…

Don’t you hate when you go shopping with every intent to buy but you can’t find anything you want to buy??

Well, that was today!

I went into my favorite stores and nothing was jumping out at me I was so disappointed 😦


The last couple of days my joints have been starting to ache a little bit, mostly me knees. I decided to head to Trader Joe’s and pick up a joint supplement.

Which ended up being quite an interesting experience….

As I was looking at all of the supplements on the shelf trying to find a “joint supplement” this old man comes and stands right next to me. I mean directly next to me, he was touching me.

My first thought is

“Ok, this guy does not understand the concept of personal space!”

then I found what I was looking for:


Just as I grabbed it, the old man touches my arm…

Old man: “You know what’s really good for your joints?”

Me: “Oh, nooo. What?”

Old man: “Apple cider vinegar and raw honey. I mix equal parts and then add it to water. I drink it like that a couple of times a day.”

Me: “Ohhh really?”

Old man: “Oh yeah and you know what else it’s great for? Your complexion and your hair. Your hair will become so shiny and healthy, Β it will stop falling out in the shower so much. (he’s saying this as he’s spitting on me, still in my personal space!)

Me:” Ohhh, wow…” (I didn’t really know what to say)

Old man: “Oh! Do you suffer from menstrual cramps?”

Me: “Ummm….. no not really…” (getting really uncomfortable now)

Old man: “Well this will wipe them out completely!”

Me: “Good to know!”

From here I put the Joint Support back on the shelf and say:

“Well, I’m going to go and get some apple cider vinegar and honey then!”

I mean the old guy had good intentions but it was quite the strange encounter. Bless his heart!

So I walked around TJ’s a bit trying to kill time until the old man left and I could go grab my Joint Support supplement. It wasn’t a bad place to kill time at, I love TJ’s.

Here are some of the goods I grabbed:


These made for a yummy dinner tonight:


Chicken apple sausage sandwich’s with carmelized onions on top and rutabaga fries on the side. I got the idea to make rutabaga fries from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers.

So good, I’ve never even had a rutabaga, didn’t even know what it was! I will definitely be making these again.

Other things I got at TJ’s


I got these for Pat, yes for Pat πŸ˜‰

I made them for dessert tonight:


Chewy, fudgey and yummy! Oh, Pat liked them too…

I also spotted these:



It was the description that really got me, plus the nutrition facts aren’t too bad either so I ate three on my way home:


Even though I didn’t get to buy anything at the mall I can always find something to buy and Trader Joe’s!

TJ’s gave me the retail therapy I needed πŸ™‚



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April 9, 2011

Experimenting is Fun


I slept in a little bit today which felt good!

When I got up I enjoyed my coffee while I cooked the steel-cut oats I bought yesterday. I wanted them to be ready by the time I got back from my run.

I ran 6 miles in 55:04 minutes. I don’t know if it was the really cold weather today or the fact that the last .90 miles was flat. When I started my run I decided I felt like a 4 mile run but once I got going I felt really good so I kept with it. Glad I did, I’ve never ran that far in my life.


Once I was back I was so excited to try the steel-cut oats:


I added a splash of vanilla almond milk, spoonful of chia seeds, cocoa powder and a spoonful of my new Justin’s PB

They didn’t taste any different from rolled oats to me but the texture is different. They have a hearty-er texture which makes them last longer, I’m a fan of that!!!

They did take around 30 minutes to cook though, I’m glad I made a big batch

Since I can’t let myself have breakfast without protein these were involved:


2 eggs with a sprinkle of cheese


I have some more wedding errands to run today, they never end!!

I’m also really in need of some retail therapy

Nordstrom is calling my name. It’s been awhile I think I deserve it, that’s my justification.


I’ll show you my goods if I get anything good πŸ™‚




April 9, 2011

Whole Foods


Yesterday I had to venture down to Irvine to run a wedding errand so I thought I would check out the massive Whole Foods that is down there. I have never been to Whole Foods, I’ve been to other fabulous stores like it but never Whole Foods.

Boy, it was a treat and at the same time torture! Everything was so stinkin’ expensive, I basically walked around and lusted over everything that I couldn’t buy. I did walk out with a couple of things that I was excited about:




Garbanzo Bean Flour, I’ve seen some recipes lately using this flour so I want to give them a whirl.


Seeing how I’m obsessed with the thinkThin bars I just had to try these!


Steel cut oats, I’ve never tried them so I thought this weekend would be the perfect time to experiment.


Whole Wheat Raisin loaf, this was just an impulse purchase.


I had to try some once I got back in the car

I was expecting it to be sweeter but it actually wasn’t very sweet at all, still yummy though. Oh, and this is what I had one my drive down to Irvine


Yep you guessed it, another thinkThin bar

White Chocolate Chip is also a really good flavor. Here’s how I would rate them: Peanut Butter Crunch, White Chocolate Chip Cookie and then Brownie Crunch.

Isn’t this just so fascinating???


Tuna Salad my way with blue corn tortilla chips



Some sautΓ©ed veggies and a pork chop. Love me some pork!



Just one square, it hit the spot.



No work out today, my body was telling me to rest my muscles so I listened πŸ˜‰

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