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April 12, 2011

Ticks on Flea

Pat and I went to our favorite sandwich shop for lunch yesterday, Board and Brew

I had the California Delight:


Whole wheat wrap with turkey, cream cheese, sprouts and sunflower seeds. Very yummy, I only had half and ate the other half for lunch today.

Pat’s Double-Decker:



You think that’s enough sandwich for a man??

After lunch we decided to go on a hike which didn’t quite go as planned…

It was so beautiful outside:


We took Flea along with us, poor Bell had to stay behind because she wouldn’t have made it half a mile until she poops out


Flea is so ready to go! Pat needed to stretch first ūüėČ


He’s flexing for you guys hehe

The hike didn’t go quite as we expected it to…


The weeds were really tall and the trail was a bit overgrown…

We did a little trailblazing and immediately Flea was invested with ticks


Flea was very cooperative as Pat began to flick the ticks off


I just stand and hold sunglasses on top of my head, I don’t dare go near those nasty little guys


So because of all the ticks we ended up heading home earlier than planned!


For dinner we went to T.G.I.F, this isn’t a place we would choose to go eat at but we had a gift card. My baby loves a free meal!

I wasn’t able to capture any pics of dinner but I got these off their website:



We also had a couple of bites of this:


Yes, I was obsessed!


I don’t know why but were watching E.T. right now

Do you see a resemblance?



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April 11, 2011

Debbie Downer


Today I feel like such a Debbie Downer!

By the way, sorry if your name is Debbie.

I try to be a positive and optimistic person but sometimes that isn’t always possible.

So today, I’m Debbie Downer.

I’m not going to blog about what I ate yesterday because honestly I don’t feel like it. Don’t worry, it wasn’t far from my usual day of eating, I didn’t go crazy and find myself knee-deep in a bag of cookies or anything. I just really don’t feel like posting about yesterday, so I’m going to post about today!


So here is one of the reason’s I’m feeling down. Since I put in so many miles last week, (more than I have ever done)I think I over did it a bit. My knees have been super achy, I wanted to run today but I knew I shouldn’t. Pat says that it’s my body’s way of telling me to rest.

Yadda Yadda Yadda!!!

I know it’s partly true but seriously?? I just want to tell my knees to stop complaining and suck it up already!!

Today I had to be creative and do something else, I did half of  P90 Master Series cardio interval workout. When I bought P90X it came with two bonus workouts and this is one of them. It was only about 30 minutes long, I was working hard but I got bored so I turned it off.

I guess getting hungry had something to do with it as well:


Steel cut oats, spoonful of chia seeds, cinnamon and vanilla almond milk



Protein Shake

Half vanilla almond milk half water


Snack time




Coffee plus Creamer

Kashi Go Lean Original Cereal

I’m gonna try to squeeze in another work out today because I have been pitiful these past couple of days

Just pitiful!!!


Did I mention my first fitting for my wedding gown is on the 19th??

Just a lil pressure…


Seeing this picture does make me smile though


Bell loves her daddy

I love him too ūüėČ

April 7, 2011

A storm is brewin’

It has rained off and on today and now the wind has really picked up which makes this guy really nervous:


He likes to hide in corners when he gets scared.... poor guy


My lovely lunch:




Yesterday when I hit up Albies (Albertsons) I picked up some dill relish so I thought I would give it a try today in my tuna salad. Almost the same as my original version: 1/4 cup tuna, 1/2 cup non-fat cottage cheese, 1/2 tablespoon relish and a little pepper.

Served on top of a sandwich thin of course! Alongside were steamed green beans drizzled with balsamic vinegar. It was a very filling lunch indeed, just how I like my meals.


After I got home from work I needed a little snacky-poo because my hunger was creepin’

So I finished off the other half of the naner from this morning, threw a few peanuts in my mouth and ate half of this:


Brownie Crunch Flavor

mmmm... chocolatey goodness


In case you couldn’t tell, this flavor is also really good but it didn’t top the peanut crunch flavor in my opinion


I had a special helper in the kitchen tonight:




She intently watched as I made one yummy dinner:



Sweet potato fries, broccoli and a turkey burger with a little chedd-ah cheese and relish on top.

Tastey!¬†Or I was just really hungry…




Why not just finish off the brownie crunch bar I had for a snack earlier? I think so!!


**Note to self: Don’t leave thinkThin wrappers sitting on the ottoman once done eating**



Or else some little monster will snatch it and run underneath the dining table making it nearly impossible for you to get it from her, but I have skills ūüėČ


"What? I'm not doing anything."




On another totally random note, I was looking through old pictures on my computer today and stumbled across this picture of me and one of my best friends from college. I almost fell off my chair laughing:


Yeah. We were that cool


I really hope those gang signs don’t offend anyone…


Peace Out!

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April 4, 2011


The weather was so beautiful today, I was lucky enough to get outside and enjoy it a little!


Our flowers are bloomin' and I'm lovin it!







Tuna salad: 1/4 cup of tuna, 1/2 cup of non-fat cottage cheese and salt & pepper to taste. Enjoyed it on a sandwich thin with a pink lady apple and a spoonful of peanut butter.

Stella thought it looked yummy:



Ok… just one slice



She likes it




Pat was feeling really spontaneous this afternoon and really itching to get out and do something different. We ended up heading down to La Jolla for dinner. La Jolla is one of my favorite places, I would love to live there one day…. we’ll see!

Before we left I snagged some of these:




Unsalted peanuts of course!


We ate dinner at Karl Strauss Brewery and started with these:


Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fries


Instead of diving in to the entire basket and shoving them down my mouth like I usually do, I did this:



A small serving for me, this was quite and accomplishment for me. I find sweet potato fries so delicious and addicting that I usually end up eating way too many.

Next was a salad:


Mixed Greens!


This time the mixed greens were really mixed greens!

This salad snob was a happy camper


Once we got home I wanted something sweet but I didn’t want to go overboard so I made some hot cocoa:



1/2 a cup of vanilla almond milk, 1/2 cup of water , spoonful of cocoa powder and 1 packet of stevia

Well, off to sleep, I’m one tired girl!


See you in the morning


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April 1, 2011

85 Days to go…

Well this is my first post, here goes nothing!

**I would like to add a little disclaimer here that most of my pictures will be low quality, I don’t have an amazing camera but it does the job. It also doesn’t help that I’m not the most artistic person either. Lastly, yes I did graduate college but that doesn’t mean that my grammar will be flawless, there will be many mistakes, don’t judge.

Ok, back to my post…

This morning I woke up at 6 and thanks to the self-timer on my coffee maker my morning cup-a-joe was patiently waiting for me. Here is what my morning coffee looks like:


I love my big red mug


No creamer, no sugar, just straight up BLACK. This may gross some of you out, it’s definitely an acquired taste for sure. I feel that since I can enjoy drinking it black I don’t need the added calories of sugar or cream. I do enjoy¬†Coffeemate¬†French Vanilla creamer from time to time though.

By 6:50 I was out the door and on my way to an awesome run. I ran 5 miles in 47 minutes. I shaved three minutes off my usual time, I was pretty happy with myself. Now, for those avid runners out there this time may seem pathetic and slow, I know. Cut me some slack though, I just recently got back into my running groove.

I really pushed myself today, when I was getting really tired along the way I kept saying my new mantra “Wedding Dress, Wedding Dress, Wedding Dress” over and over. It helped! I know kinda crazy…

Once I was home¬† Pat was awake and eating his breakfast, of course I immediately¬†shared my good news about beating my running time. He was happy for me, he’s my biggest fan!


Ha! this pic will embarrass him


After doing some stretching (soooo important) I was ready to chow down on some breakfast.

On the menu today was oatmeal, with cinnamon, chia seeds and a little splash of vanilla almond milk. Alongside was one egg and one egg white scrambled:


This oatmeal might not look good but it's delish!


Can I just say how much I love eggs!


It was a nice tasty breakfast.

At around 10 or so my stomach was growling again, I had to give in so I decided a small snack couldn’t hurt. I poured myself some Kashi Go Lean Original¬†cereal, a spoonful of chia seeds and a little vanilla almond milk. I¬†like this cereal because it is high in protein and fiber¬†but low in sugar.


Eating cereal out of a mug is a little trick I use to help me with portion control. I find when pouring cereal into a bowl I end up getting carried away and pouring more than I should.

The snack was good but I was still missing something… oh maybe a spoonful of this will help:


Yum! That hit the spot


(Sorry for the blurry pics, see I told you!)

Today was kind-of-an early lunch but it had to be due to my work schedule. I wasn’t that hungry since I had a snack oh what an hour ago? ¬†But you gotta eat when you can!

I decided on leftovers for lunch. Whole wheat penne with creamy chicken and beets with balsamic on the side. Yes, beets!! Don’t knock em¬†till you try em, to me they taste like corn, a¬†much different texture than corn but to me that is how they taste. They are also pretty good for you so that’s an added perk.




I have a really bad habit of craving something sweet after lunch and dinner. Instead of ripping open the box of cookies I settled for two bites of this banana.




It was such a beautiful day today, when I got in my car to head to the office I looked at the temp and yikes!


Is this an April Fool's Joke?


It was equally as nice yesterday and thankfully I was able to squeeze in an hour of this:


These white legs need some color!


So nice!

When I got home from work I wanted to take advantage of the weather so I took a walk, 1.25 miles nothing spectacular but it was nice. I would have taken my dogs but they have issues.

If you take Stella on a walk when it’s hot outside¬†she will¬†start¬†hyperventilating because she can’t breathe.¬†Then there’s¬†Flea, he¬†will pull your arm out of its socket chasing lizards.¬†Hence, why I opted for a pleasant walk alone; don’t worry the dogs entertain themselves.


Stella's face is priceless


After my walk I polished off my banana from earlier and also had a handful of unsalted peanuts




Dinner was a home run tonight!


Check out this baby


Homemade pizza’s are my favorite, I like going out for pizza but I’m not really fond of the grease that comes along with it.

I paired this outstanding pizza with some roasted asparagus


Perfectly cooked


My plate


Yep, 3 pieces for me


You better bet I cleaned my plate. Afterward, I went and cut a little sliver of more pizza. I just couldn’t get enough…

Not soon after dinner my sweet tooth started aching, I couldn’t ignore it! That’s where these came in:



Just one


These are great


If you haven’t tried these Kashi cookies, you should. The are soft, chewy and chocolatey which is my favorite part.

Well that concludes my first post!

See ya tomorrow



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