Main Characters

Let’s take a moment to introduce all of the main characters of this blog:



Gotta love photo booth




How'd I get such a handsome guy?


Now for the children… I mean dogs:


Stella (aka Bell, Stella Bean, Stella Boo, Smella)


So easy to love this face


Stella is the comedian in the family, or at least I think so. She makes me laugh everyday, she has such an amazing little personality!


Sitting on our outdoor furniture. She thinks the coffee table is a nice lounge...


She loves her water


Life is harrrrd


Nap time

"Hey mom what are you doing? Stop working and pay attention to me!"

**Please ignore my pink Crocs, I’m slightly embarrassed but I only wear them around the house. I swear!


Flea (aka Flea-doe, Flea-bee and Bud)




Flea is the shy one, he puts up with Stella’s craziness which continues to surprise Pat and I all the time.



Look close, someone's hiding from Stella

Keeping watch


Leo (aka Leo-boop)

I initially wasn’t too excited that Pat had a cat when I met him but Leo soon won over my heart


I can fit into the box


Well that’s us, my little family!




2 Comments to “Main Characters”

  1. beautiful couple and super cute furry family 🙂 Cheers!


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